Many Benefits

I have been a strong supporter of Pilates at Lancashire Pilates Studio with Keely for about four years now. The benefits over this time are too many to count. Not just physical benefits but mental benefit and feelings of wellbeing too.

However, when Keely explained the DNS method, I was not sure – but having complete trust in Keely, her professionalism and commitment I began classes using the DNS method.

The first couple of weeks, I admit I was a bit confused. The breathing is different to the Pilates I was used to. The concentration required was greater. Now around six weeks in –I love it!

I feel my core is strengthening and I feel my body is far more ‘aligned’. In fact, two weeks ago when I was leaving both Keely and I saw the difference when looking in the mirror. I swear – I was two inches taller!

The combining of the DNS method and Pilates is wonderful. I am 68 so not a young nubile person. The benefits I am experiencing are excellent.

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