Hope Faraday

I’ve been doing Pilates for nearly two yearsnow and have found it has definitely helped improve my ballet technique and strength
dramatically. I have found it helped all aspects of ballet especially in areas such as balance, coordination and alignment. I have recently been accepted into The Northern Ballet School on a fully DADA, which I definitely couldn’t of got without Pilates. I would recommend Pilates to anyone wanting to pursue a dance career, as it combines both ballet technique with strengthening and flexibility exercises which helps in everyday classes.
I have learnt how to link both Pilates and dance together by being shown what muscles to use and how to use them correctly.
I love Pilates and would love to go into teaching it one day, which I wouldn’t of discovered without my teacher Jenna, who
makes the lessons fun but also challenging.
My dream is to become a professional dancer and I believe by doing Pilates it will help me achieve it.

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