Hill Walking Again

I’ve been coming to Pilates sessions with Keely for over ten years and I’m really not sure now what I’d do without her. Though I now do a session once a fortnight rather than weekly the improvement since starting the 1:1 sessions is so clear. My lower back, hip and shoulder pain has reduced significantly and since we can do much more each time, it really feels like we move on from each session rather than having to spend time rectifying any aches and pains as we did in the 1:2 weekly sessions. I’m also now equipped with a range of exercises to keep up the good work at home and I feel stronger, maybe a little bit taller and more confident that my body will be able to do what I want it to. My dog approves too since he generally gets longer walks these days.

It was great to attend the in house physio clinic to sort out my shoulder which I’d hurt from slipping on muddy hills several times over the winter. Laura got to the root of my shoulder problem and along with Keely, gave me hope that it could be fixed rather than something I’d have to learn to live with. Working to the plan they’ve put together for me has eased the pain and enabled me to build up strength again so I feel able and confident to walk up hill and down dale in all weathers once more.

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