Exciting New Method

I have been attending LPS for 9 years after suffering back problems for many years resulting in surgery on a herniated disc 11 yerars ago.

Pilates is a gentle way to strengthen the body and with Keely’s help my back has greatly improved over the years. Keely is a talented and extremely knowledgeable teacher, she can look at your body and see what excercises are needed. She is constantly studying and researching and has recently introduced the DNS method which is a new and exciting method which uses a different breathing technique to realign the pelvis and ultimately the body.

This new method combines well with the more traditional excercises I have learned over the years. At this moment in time my back is the best it has ever been with no more pain or stiffness. I was told by the surgeon who operated on my back that he could never get rid of the stiffness!

I feel privileged to be taught by such a wonderful teacher, I have a much better quality of life and my future looks so much brighter.

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