Elizabeth Williams

I started Pilates with Jenna after I graduated from professional training. I’ve found that it has definitely helped me to maintain the strength and mobility that I gained in my 3 years at college, but has also continued to develop my muscles in a way that compliments my dance.
As well as working on my strength, alignment, coordination, and stability, I find that Jenna’s exercises on the reformer train the body in a way that targets intrinsic muscles that are normally harder to train. Training these intrinsic muscles has taught me how to engage every muscle when I’m dancing, which is also excellent for injury prevention, and as a professional dancer that
is hugely important.
Jenna creates a unique lesson plan every week so each lesson is so varied and challenging, and every week I come out of the studio feeling stronger and more aware of my body.
I would definitely recommend reformer Pilates with Jenna to anyone wishing to peruse a professional career in dance. Pilates has improved my dancing, and is something I will continue to do in between professional contracts and look forward to seeing the improvement I make in future lessons.

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