Amazing Changes

I am still just amazed by the changes I feel in my body in such a short space of time and how the benefits are lasting beyond the studio doors. It’s exciting to see and feel. And it’s great to try something new, encouraged by Keely’s effervescent enthusiasm. People are constantly amazed that I drive… Read more “Amazing Changes”


Exciting New Method

I have been attending LPS for 9 years after suffering back problems for many years resulting in surgery on a herniated disc 11 yerars ago. Pilates is a gentle way to strengthen the body and with Keely’s help my back has greatly improved over the years. Keely is a talented and extremely knowledgeable teacher, she… Read more “Exciting New Method”

Karen Mitchell

Many Benefits

I have been a strong supporter of Pilates at Lancashire Pilates Studio with Keely for about four years now. The benefits over this time are too many to count. Not just physical benefits but mental benefit and feelings of wellbeing too. However, when Keely explained the DNS method, I was not sure – but having… Read more “Many Benefits”


Great Knowledge

I have been attending The Lancashire Pilates Studio for many years, after a therapist recommended Keely to me, following a back injury. Keely has a natural gift of being able to assess the human body and with her great knowledge and experience of many treatments, is able to tailor the exercises to the needs of… Read more “Great Knowledge”

Ruth Donnachie

Hope Faraday

I’ve been doing Pilates for nearly two yearsnow and have found it has definitely helped improve my ballet technique and strength
dramatically. I have found it helped all aspects of ballet especially in areas such as balance, coordination and alignment. I have recently been accepted into The Northern Ballet School on a fully DADA,… Read more “Hope Faraday”

Hope Faraday

Elizabeth Williams

I started Pilates with Jenna after I graduated from professional training. I’ve found that it has definitely helped me to maintain the strength and mobility that I gained in my 3 years at college, but has also continued to develop my muscles in a way that compliments my dance.
As well as working on… Read more “Elizabeth Williams”

Elizabeth Williams
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