Unbeatable Combination

I am so happy that I discovered Keely and the Lancashire Pilates Studio. I knew that I had physical problems that were beginning to limit my mobility, but I didn’t know that they were due to misalignment or how to fix them – thankfully, Keely did!
I am now more comfortable and physically able… Read more “Unbeatable Combination”


Hill Walking Again

I’ve been coming to Pilates sessions with Keely for over ten years and I’m really not sure now what I’d do without her. Though I now do a session once a fortnight rather than weekly the improvement since starting the 1:1 sessions is so clear. My lower back, hip and shoulder pain has reduced significantly… Read more “Hill Walking Again”


Accelerated my Progress

I have been attending the Lancashire Pilates Studio for a number of years. I have a mild deformity in my lower back which has caused me a lot of issues over the years. When I met Keely I was recovering from a compound fracture to my lower back and I was on round the clock… Read more “Accelerated my Progress”


Reaping the Benefits

I first came to LPS 13 years ago following discectomy surgery on my spine. At that point I had no idea how important targeted exercise would become in my life, I wasn’t even keen on exercise at all. It became clear that my back was very weak and over time I reaped the benefits, my… Read more “Reaping the Benefits”


Amazing Expertise

I have been a client of Keely’s for a number of years.
Her expertise and abilities are amazing. I first became her client following cancer treatment and her ability to work with me, to build my core strength and flexibility was outstanding. However, the difference one to one sessions have made is extraordinary. The… Read more “Amazing Expertise”


Beneficial to Health

The 1.1 sessions are more tailored to my body. All my Pilates sessions have all been beneficial to my health and well-being but the 1.1 sessions are more personal to me and my needs. I’ve found it easier to talk privately about the simple things that are bothering me and because I am 100% under… Read more “Beneficial to Health”

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