Studio Proprietor – Keely Haigh

  • Pilates Foundation Matwork Instructor
  • Pilates Foundation Apparatus Instructor
  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialist
  • Core Align L3 Certified Instructor
  • ECBS Bowen Therapist
  • DNS Exercise Instructor

Keely Haigh started her career as a dancer training at the Northern Ballet School. Having discovered for herself the effectiveness of Pilates, Keely decided to pursue a career in this field.

In 2006 Keely enrolled on a fully comprehensive teacher training programme at The Thoughtful Body Pilates Studio in Derby and having trained for two years under the instruction of Rachel Rafiefar, Keely qualified as a Pilates Foundation Matwork & Apparatus Instructor in 2008.

Keely established the Lancashire Pilates Studio in 2008  after gaining a Post Graduate Certificate in pre and post natal pregnancy. In 2009 Keely graduated from The European College of Bowen Studies with Honours and is now a fully qualified Bowen Practitioner.

Following invasive pelvic surgery in 2017 Keely was introduced to the DNS (dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation) technique as part of her functional rehabilitation program. This revolutionary method proved so influential towards her own personal recovery, she decided to enrol in the DNS Exercise Specialist course to enable her to share this knowledge and help others.

Ongoing Training

Keely continues to develop her knowledge by attending regular workshops and seminars presented by Master Instructors from the UK and USA

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