Personalised Pilates Sessions

Sessions Options:
• Private
• Semi Private

Personalised sessions are perfect if you want to see results in as short a time as possible. Pilates can quickly give you a longer, leaner and more streamlined body based on goals that you can set yourself.

Pilates can also be very beneficial if you require specialised attention for either rehabilitation or sports-specific training.

Initial Assessment:

All new clients require an initial assessment, in your initial assessment your instructor will discuss your main aims and objectives for attending sessions and any past relevant medical history, you will also be introduced to fundamentals of Pilates and your posture will be assessed. Following your initial assessment you will have the option to secure a regular private or semi private Pilates session. Based on the information obtained in your assessment your instructor will provide you with a personalised exercise programme tailored to your specific needs. Monitored and updated as you progress and grow stronger.

Our Programmes:

Our Pilates programmes promote an increase in flexibility, muscle endurance, strength, balance and proprioception, creating a stronger body with a real sense of harmony and equilibrium. The technique also improves breathing which in turn increases energy levels, mental clarity and alertness.

 About the Specialist Apparatus:

The Pilates apparatus is based on variable spring resistance which supports, encourages and challenges the use of the body’s own resistance. This allows a dynamic and adaptable range of exercises and is therefore suitable for all levels of ability.

Pilates equipment encourages an even workout throughout the body with the option of focusing on certain areas according to your individual requirements.

All studio sessions last one hour and are by appointment only.

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