Pilates for Dancers

Sessions are taught on a 1:1 or 3:1 basis

An opportunity for dancers to enhance their strength and flexibility with the use of the reformer apparatus at Lancashire pilates studio.

Sessions are held Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Under the instruction of Jenna Maden.

Dancers benefit from pilates as it focuses on fluid, controlled motions .therefore it is an ideal method for dancers to study as many of the movements taught can be applied in their dance classes.

Pilates is a perfect way for the conscientious dancer to protect themselves from injury as it increases strength and control in the body and also helps to increase greater flexibility.

Dancers become more aware of their bodies and learn how to adapt the method of pilates into their dance training.


Semi private session 3:1 £17 pp
Private reformer session 1:1 £35

24 hour cancellation policy applies


Hope Faraday

I’ve been doing Pilates for nearly two yearsnow and have found it has definitely helped improve my ballet technique and strength
dramatically. I have found it helped all aspects of ballet especially in areas such as balance, coordination and alignment. I have recently been accepted into The Northern Ballet School on a fully DADA,… Read more “Hope Faraday”

Hope Faraday

Elizabeth Williams

I started Pilates with Jenna after I graduated from professional training. I’ve found that it has definitely helped me to maintain the strength and mobility that I gained in my 3 years at college, but has also continued to develop my muscles in a way that compliments my dance.
As well as working on… Read more “Elizabeth Williams”

Elizabeth Williams
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