Personalised Apparatus Sessions

Sessions are taught on a 1:1 basis

All new clients require an initial assessment, in your initial assessment your instructor will discuss your main aims and objectives for attending Pilates , any past relevant medical history and you will set together your short and long term goals. Your posture, muscular strength and function will also be assessed.

Based on the information obtained in your assessment your instructor will provide you with a personalised exercise programme tailored to your specific needs.

Our Programmes

Your exercise programme will include exercises that:

  • Improve postural imbalances
  • Increase flexibility and joint mobility
  • Restore correct function
  • Promote healthy movement patterns

About the Specialist Apparatus:

The Pilates apparatus is based on variable spring resistance which supports, encourages and challenges the use of the body’s own resistance. This allows a dynamic and adaptable range of exercises and is therefore suitable for all levels of ability.

Pilates equipment encourages an even workout throughout the body with the option of focusing on certain areas according to your individual requirements.

Our Prices

  • Initial assessment £60
  • Private apparatus session £55
These sessions are for 55 minutes 

All studio sessions are by appointment only and 24 hours cancellation policy applies.

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