LPS Physiotherapy Clinic

We are very excited to welcome Laura Franklin to our team as our in house Physiotherapist.

Laura Franklin has been a Physiotherapist for 15 years and has experience of professional football, semi-professional rugby union, the NHS and private practice. For the last 10 years, Laura has combined Physiotherapy with Pilates having completed mat, reformer and comprehensive equipment training. Laura’s main area of interest is persistent pain and complex musculoskeletal injuries. Helping those that have been living with symptoms for a long period, who have often tried other approaches with little success or short-lasting effects.
Laura has engaged with continuous professional development throughout her career, her latest qualification in musculoskeletal rehabilitation with one of the UK’s most respected Sports & Private Practice Physiotherapists.

Laura’s approach is:


  • Provide a world class assessment. Listening to a client’s story, understanding what is causing symptoms and combining this with a whole body assessment.
  • Pinpointing the cause of the problem, not treating the symptoms.
  • Explain what is causing symptoms in a way that is simple to understand.
  • Where appropriate, provide hands on techniques that give quick results.
  • Combine specific rehabilitation with Pilates to help you get back to doing the things you want to do.
  • Build strength & resilience to stop symptoms coming back.

Laura is delighted to be working with Keely at Lancashire Pilates Studio as their in-house Physiotherapist and training provider. This unique partnership is available to new and existing clients.

Joint assessment with Keely:

One day per month Laura will provide in person assessment appointments at LPS. After completing an assessment Laura will talk you through what is causing your symptoms, provide hands on treatment (if appropriate) and begin your rehab program. Laura & Keely will work together on your session plans.

Follow up clinic:

At this face to face clinic, Laura will also provide follow up appointments which will allow you to discuss your progress / on-going concerns, provide hands on treatments (where appropriate), review / progress rehab exercises and work with Keely to update your session plan.

For those unable to attend one of these clinics but still wish to work with Laura:

Laura has her own clinic and private Pilates Studio located in Baildon, West Yorkshire. If it is convenient for you to travel, clients are welcome to attend sessions in person.
Alternatively, Laura also works online providing sessions via zoom. These sessions were first used during the lockdown and proved incredibly effective and popular with existing and new clients alike.

These options are also available for Keely’s clients who would like to combine their regular Pilates sessions with Physiotherapy in-put. These sessions are not designed to replace your Pilates practice but to enhance results with a course of Physio rehab. There are several options face to face and online. This can be discussed following your assessment, If this is an appropriate option for you.

Price list:

Clinical assessment £80

Follow up appointment £50

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