Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation

The DNS exercises work through the developmental stages we learnt as a child from 3-13 months of age. These connections are the main foundation of how the Central Nervous System programmes the muscles to activate.

By activating these movement patterns with the correct diaphragmatic and pelvic floor control the body re sets into the correct muscular patterning creating optimum function and joint stabilisation.

We incorporate DNS exercises into our clients exercise program as and when required.


I have been attending The Lancashire Pilates Studio for many years, after a therapist recommended Keely to me, following a back injury. Keely has a natural gift of being able to assess the human body and with her great knowledge and experience of many treatments, is able to tailor the exercises to the needs of her clients. These exercises are carried out slowly with correct breathing and are suitable for all ages, abilities and gender. As with all good teachers, Keely is constantly looking to develop her skills and knowledge and has recently introduced us to the DNS method which aims to improve the spinal stabilization muscles of the abdominals, diaphragm, pelvic floor and back. After only a few weeks I have been able to see and feel the beneifts, being significantly stronger through my core and back. I am no spring chicken and have had numerous injuries including back, shoulder and ankle, but by attending The Lancashire Pilates Studio I am able to be fully active, including riding and caring for my horse and most importantly, I am pain free.

Ruth Donnachie

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