• > J. williams

      “I first came to Pilates over a year ago after suffering with a bad back for a number of years. Through Keely, not only have I cured my back problem, but am leaner and fitter too. I have much more energy and more aware of my body placement and posture. Pilates has completely changed me […]

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    • > L Armstrong

      “I love walking, but I’ve always needed wide-fitting boots and shoes and had a problem foot. I was told that one leg was longer than the other, and prescribed a foot insert to correct the problem. The inserts worked well for about six months, but my feet continued to spread and then began to hurt […]

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    • > R Hartley

      “It’s hard to keep fit when you lead an office based life. I always lived by the rule, that the best exercise for the sport you do is the sport you do – Keely taught me different. Pilates has helped me improve and change issues with my strength and posture that I have lived with […]

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    • > Alastair McLoughlin – Bowen Practitioner

      “The combination of Pilates and Bowen Technique work so well together. Bowen balances and realigns the skeletal structure without force or manipulation – loosening tight muscles in the process. Then Pilates helps to hold the structure in place by targeting specific muscle groups – producing increased flexibility and strength. When applied by experienced practitioners, Bowen […]

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    • > Claire Holgate

      “I attended LPS for prenatal Pilates, and I continue to attend for postnatal Pilates, which I consider to be an essential investment in my long term well being. The workouts are expertly developed to strengthen the core muscles. I found this to effectively alleviate my back pain and even symptoms of SPD. After each prenatal […]

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    • > Alison Denneny

      “I started Pilates with Keely over 3 years ago after struggling to get pregnant following many failed IVF attempts. Within a month of starting Pilates, my body felt stronger and my back and core had started to strengthen. I didn’t have the back pain I had experienced for nearly 8 years and I started to […]

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    • > A. Clapham (a grateful golfer)

      “Having suffered from a lower back injury with episodes of increasing frequency, I was advised by my physiotherapist to try Pilates as a way to strengthen my core muscles. I am a keen golfer and my injury had stopped me from playing for long periods. I started to have private sessions with Keely, which were […]

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    • > S. Clegg

      When I first came to the studio I couldn’t lay on my back as it was so painful, slowly over a period of time things started to improve. I now feel more energised,  my balance is better and my back is much stronger, I am walking taller and my tummy is flatter, phew!

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    • > A. Leeming

      I have been going to Pilates for nearly a year. I was rather apprehensive in the beginning and was recommended to Keely by word of mouth stating how good she was and ‘knew her stuff’. I contacted Keely and was put in a small class for people with problems. At times you feel that you […]

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    • > K Mitchell

      “I was advised to undertake Pilates by my Physiotherapist to strengthen my back due to surgery on a prolapsed disc. I have been attending Pilates for approximately 18 months. Pilates has strengthened my back to such a degree whereby I do not have any more relapses, which used to occur frequently putting me out of […]

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